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Be careful not to offend them. Don't play dumb. Answer my question properly!

How many eggs do you eat per day? I think you'll find this interesting. All I did was repeat what Magnus told me.

Let's see if Kaj has changed. That was a horrible thing to say to Jeremy. My alarm didn't go off. Shamim steadied himself. We're having a short maintenance break, we'll be back shortly! Jess arrived shortly after Corey did. Hey, where's your ring? His father passed away last year. "What day is it?" "It's Wednesday."

That boy is Tony, isn't he? Eduardo got the job he wanted. Phillip is very trustworthy. Audio in Tatoeba sentences are provided by Shtooka. Harry wants to donate money. Now we see the interior of the castle.

They weren't hungry. I know that she doesn't know who I am. On June 18 at the Niigata city aquarium, 7000 fish died because of a mistake by an employee. It's illegal to give someone else medication that was prescribed for you. Hamlet has a clear understanding of the situation, understands that he is in the wrong no matter what he does, and realizes the consequences of his actions. He is, therefore, not mad. My small bladder has me constantly running to the bathroom. You haven't solved this problem, have you?

He searched all day for the letter. Daryl seems to be doing fine.

I'm never going home. I'm crazy for you! I wish I could figure out how to embed a YouTube video.

This is the first time I've ever washed my car. Have you ever listened to the Brandenburg Concertos, by Johann Sebastian Bach?

Taking a vacation just means you work from somewhere else. Many of the migrants are war refugees.

Dimetry failed the test. Why not try that delicious wine? I'm not going to look. Did you sleep all right? It has to be removed.

Write me an email if you feel like it.

Alejandro doesn't need my help anymore. Who sent it? The house was as dark as dark. I was born in the winter. Ravindranath was knighted by Queen Yvonne. You shouldn't worry about something so small.

The conversation ranged widely. It's a long way from tree to chair. My aunt has an apartment for rent for 550 dollars a month. Her beautiful dress drew my attention. If Spock can't tell me, then no one can. He went pale with fear and then turned red with embarrassment. They live in this town. Simon didn't know what the problem was. I'd like to find somebody to talk to. I like to bake bread and give a loaf to my friend Mie.

If you do it this way, you can save several hours. You should trust me when I tell you things. Some questions were asked me by the teacher. Jurevis claimed that he saw a man being eaten alive by piranhas. The medicine will cure your headache. I'm worried about Revised being alone. A sensible man wouldn't say such a thing in public. Tricia asked us several questions. I shot him.

Is this tofu? I want to find out what happens next! I've already heard this story. These clothes are more expensive, but they are made in an eco-friendly and responsible way. Puritanism brought over with it in the Mayflower the anti-Christmas feeling to New England. Ralph had no choice but to fight back. Spiders are loathsome little creatures. After school, I study, then play videogames. I finally got a driver's license.

The more you do now, the less you'll do tomorrow. Ask whatever you want to. Per is three inches taller than I am. She is young and foolish.

I'm a Windows person. I can't tell you how dangerous that might be. I treated her as my own daughter. I don't know Sjouke's age. My father advised me not to be lazy. It was a nice feeling. You know how to make yourself irresistible.

How can you doubt his word? They felt he had no chance to win the election. You're the one I need now. Hartmann's lying. I guess somebody didn't want you to do that again. Can I speak to him? This war has produced countless fatalities. The downclimb here is also dangerous as there are no handholds. My brothers left and we stayed here.

You should let me help you. Two houses were burned down in the fire.